About The Whiskey Workshop

The Whiskey Workshop is a product of two of my passions, bourbon whiskey and woodworking. I started woodworking at a young age helping my Dad in his workshop and that’s where I learned the fundamentals of the craft. I setup my first woodworking shop in 2001 once my wife and I moved into our first house. Fast forward about 18 years and I was approached by a gentleman in one of my bourbon enthusiasts groups on Facebook asking if I could build a bourbon barrel cabinet for The Make a Wish Foundation’s annual charity auction. I agreed not really having any plans or anything to work off of other than some images we found on the internet. After a couple months of development and building I delivered the barrel to Make a Wish with the hope that it would fetch $500-$600 for a good cause. I was completely surprised and flattered to hear it went for $960! Images of my first barrel cabinet were circulated on Facebook and the business has grown at a very rapid pace ever since.
My goal is to provide my customers with high quality, authentic bourbon barrel products. All the barrels and staves used in my products come from used bourbon barrels. No two barrels are ever alike, and while this presents a unique set of challenges in the building process, it ensures that everything I make is one of a kind.    
Thanks for joining me on this new adventure. Cheers!
Donovan Lee
Chief Sawdust Officer