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I drink and I know things- Laser engraved bourbon barrel stave

Authentic bourbon barrel staves that have been laser engraved. Staves are fully sanded with any loose char removed from the back side prior to being laser engraved. After engraving, the stave is sealed with a Satin clearcoat. Two wall hangers are added on the back of the stave. Staves measure between 34"-35" long and 2.75" to 3.5" wide at the ends. They do have a slight curve along their length (they did come from a barrel after all.)

These are real barrel staves from a used whiskey barrel. They may have small stress cracks or nicks and scratches. Staves are inspected prior to engraving to make sure that they are structurally sound and any imperfections are purely cosmetic. We feel these imperfections are what give our items character.

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G. Pacocha
the item came almost immediately and it is...

the item came almost immediately and it is a nice addition to our remodel in progress.

Very good. as described. On time gift -> s...

Very good. as described. On time gift -> sale was marked as a gift and i am not sure if the company or i forgot the gift card.