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Bourbon Barrel Cabinet with multicolor LED's -engraving available

Custom made-to-order bar cabinet made from a real bourbon whiskey barrel. Optional features include two rotating two lazy susan style shelves so you don’t have to take the bottles in front out to get to the ones in the back. Simply rotate the shelf! Multicolor LED lighting over both shelves that are controlled through an app on your phone! 100's of colors to choose from to create a custom look. Dozens of pre-programmed lights shows and the lights can even be synced to music! Optional doors feature a magnetic closure system so you don’t have to deal with unbolting a latch or fumbling with some other sort of closure mechanism. If you are worried someone is going to sneak into your stash, the Cask Strength + model features a locking hasp in addition to the magnetic closure. Padlock is not included. The barrel head (top) can be laser engraved with just about whatever you want; your favorite bourbon logo, your last name, your company logo, anniversary date, you name it, we’ve probably done it. We also have barrels available with the original distillery stamp on the barrel head if you would prefer that instead of a laser engraved logo. Stamps are preserved under a thick clear coat. Additional charge may be necessary for certain branded barrels based on availability. Additional images available on our Facebook page at or by viewing other items in our Etsy store. Feel free to reach out prior to purchase to see if we can accommodate your design. When you choose the engraving option, we will provide you with a proof of your orignal desing and do up to two revisions to get it just the way you want it. Barrel is sanded, sealed, and clear-coated inside and out. The barrels we use for our cabinets can be anywhere from light tan to medium brown, to almost black. If you have a preference for light, medium, or dark let us know and we will try to accommodate your request. Please keep in mind that we use real, used whiskey barrels some so staining (or character) may be present on the exterior of the barrel since all whiskey barrels leak to some extent.

****Buyer's note: Please make sure you understand the difference in the models as their features may differ from some of the images in this listing. Please make sure to select the correct model in the dropdown menu. The model names are not indicative of the type of barrel used.****

The cabinet models:

Open Face- Fully sanded and sealed barrel cabinet with two lazy susan style rotating shelves. Multi-color LED's over both shelves. No doors. Available with or without engraving on the head.
Standard- Fully sanded and sealed barrel cabinet with two lazy susan style rotating shelves. Multi-color LED's over both shelves. Two Doors with magnetic closure. Available with or without engraving on the head.
Premium- All the features of the Cask Strength model plus a locking hasp. Padlock not included. Available with or without engraving on the head.

Why buy a cabinet from The Whiskey Workshop? Because there is no other company out there producing barrel cabinets with the features and attention to detail that we do. We only use "once-used" whiskey barrels. Our barrels come straight from the distillery in a matters of days after their contents have been dumped. Be cautious of manufacturers that use whiskey barrels that have been used to age beer. Many ex-beer barrels were used to age chocolate stouts or sour beers. These barrels will have a distinct non-whiskey smell that cannot be removed and are prone to have mold problems. Also, some manufacturers neglect to remove the loose char from the inside of the barrel and this leaves you with a continuous dust issue and lingering odor. The Whiskey Workshop scrapes and sands the inside of every barrel down to solid wood and then seals the inside with clear sealer. The sealer locks down any remaining char dust. The outside of the barrel is also sanded and sealed with a sealer and a topcoat of satin lacquer for ultimate protection. Barrels live a rough life and get pretty dinged up. We take the time to thoroughly sand the outside and guarantee our barrels will be splinter free. We also offer two lazy susan shelves. There are several manufacturers that have a rotating middle shelf but most just use the bottom of the barrel as the bottom shelf. Our shelves are made of 3/4” edge-veneered solid plywood. Shelves have a custom stain technique where the inside is a lighter tone than the outside. Compare the bracing on our doors to the competition. Not only do we screw the metal rings into the staves on the outside, but wood braces are also added to the inside. Barrels dry out as they age and the staves shrink. Without this bracing, doors can sag and staves can fall out as the barrel dries! We are extremely proud off our 100% 5 star review record and that’s why we take such great care when building your cabinet. If a cabinet is not a 5 star cabinet, it doesn’t leave the shop.

Cabinets are between 35”-36” tall and roughly 26” wide at its widest point. Requires electrical outlet for lighting. Comes with 3 foot cord. Cabinets are custom and made to order so please allow up to 1-3 weeks for production. If you need the cabinet by a certain date, please feel free to reach out to see if we can accommodate your timeframe. 

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Customer Reviews

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The Barrell came as advertised. Beautiful...

The Barrell came as advertised. Beautiful item and super easy to set up. Looks amazing and very well crafted. Couldn't be happier. Donovan's customer service and diligence with answering messages was top notch. I highly recommend purchasing from his shop and will be doing so again in the future. Thanks Donovan!

It is absolutely perfect. My husband loves...

It is absolutely perfect. My husband loves it.

This barrel cabinet is AWESOME! Great cust...

This barrel cabinet is AWESOME! Great customer service, I was able to customize mine and communication was outstanding. Shipping was fast and the packaging was excellent!

This is beautiful. The quality is top not...

This is beautiful. The quality is top notch

Amazing job. It is so nice. I appreciate...

Amazing job. It is so nice. I appreciate all the hard work