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Whiskey barrel wood cutoffs- 32+ lb box

We create a lot of barrel cut-offs in The Whiskey Workshop while creating our custom furniture, decor, & gifts. We try to use as much of it as we can for our small gift items like bottle openers, tap handles, wine stoppers, etc, but we create more cut-offs than we can use. These cut offs will work great for your own craft items, or for throwing on the smoker to add a hint of bourbon to your meat! Other uses include:

Wood-turned pen blanks
Accent walls
Key Chains
Money Clips
And many more

Dimensions & Information

Cut-off sizes will vary in length and width and are generally about an inch thick.
Some pieces may be up to 12" long and/or 4" wide.
Some may include a bung and/or bunghole.
Some pieces may be sanded and/or have the loose char removed.
Box is 12"x12"x12" and will have at least 32 lbs of wood inside. We will pack the box as full as we can get it so you might receive more than 33 lbs.

NOTE: The cut-offs are randomly selected and packaged ahead of time. We cannot accommodate requests for specific sizes or styles.

*A note about char...bourbon barrels are charred on the inside and will be chalky black. The rigors of shipping will likely dislodge some of the char so there will likely be a black "powder" in the box. You will get your hands dirty touching these pieces. We recommend opening the box outside.


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